American Theatre Organ Society

The Mighty Wurlitzer Keys

Photo by: M. Lewis Kennedy

The Alabama Chapter is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ installed in the Alabama Theatre. The theatre provides a workspace to perform these activities, and members are invited to attend workshop sessions on Saturday mornings where traditional materials are used to restore the pipe organ.

The Alabama Chapter of ATOS, in conjunction with the Alabama Theatre, invites guest artists to perform, prior to Chapter Meetings, on “Big Bertha”, the Alabama Theatre’s Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ. These performances are scheduled based on theatre availability, and are open to the public. Occasionally, paid-ticketed performances are also scheduled.

To help with the preservation and maintenance of the Alabama Theatre Organ, or to inquire about joining ATOS, contact the President of the Alabama Chapter of ATOS, Sabrina Summers, or drop a note to the Alabama Theatre.

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